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MEEP Consulting - ChantalOriginally from Massachusetts, Chantal has lived in several locations and now makes her home in Tampa Bay, Florida. She established Meep Consulting out of her desire to help others, especially in the areas of finances and accounting, fields at which she showed remarkable aptitude at an early age in life.

With over a decade of experience in the accounting and finance fields under her belt, Chantal has proven that she can rise to any task and achieve success. At 19 years of age, she was the controller for a financial consulting firm with substantial responsibilities

She is extremely well-versed in accounting and business best-practices management and is an expert at utilizing Microsoft Excel to her, and her client's, advantage.

Chantal offers her clients much more than just out-sourcing job functions.

She will become an essential and powerful part of your core business actions, keeping you regularly updated so you are able to make the best decisions possible.

In short, Chantal is a solution-oriented organizational master and enjoys utilizing her skills to help others achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Meep Consulting - Accounting services Tampa Bay

A pleasure to work with

I have been putting some focus on my finances on and off for the last year again, realizing I need to address every aspect of income, expenses, budgeting, savings, taxes, etc.

It’s been a challenge to focus on it at all. Work and others are first in my life, yet, that isn’t actually a workable way of living life or planning for the future and emergencies ... it’s haphazard at best.

Meep Consulting - Financial Services in ClearwaterWhen someone I respect, who is a kind, yet tough and smart person posted about Chantal and her amazing services in financial planning and bookkeeping, I wondered if she could be the answer to my problem of figuring things out alone.

It turns out that she is! A few days after we met over the phone and she started working on my monthly budget, I was surprised with a 16% raise!

What’s more, I had to realize in speaking with her the second time, just how much I needed to organize that she is doing but I’m also doing in a different way at the same time. It’s lead me to a new way of looking at my life and money.

You get these great principles that everyone knows and you can remind yourself of those, but until you put those ideas into use they mean nothing.

One has to live in a way that works within a natural order of things...finance is no different. I want to continue to be successful and I’m certain I will be with Chantal’s help.

She is a pleasure to work with, just a delight and her love for numbers and organizing as well as providing what you specifically want and need is a joy to have! Finances should be fun and they are now!

Thank you!!!